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Empowering all Borrowers to Meet Their Financial Needs

Banking is experiencing a wave of digitization across the world. However, often some banking products such as gold loans and vaults require physical interactions. At Kundan Finance, we have developed a full-stack solution to digitize the entire gold loan process. Now you don't have to wait in line to avail of a gold loan!

Kundan Finance — Who we are

Kundan Finance is into the business of gold mortgages and loans to deliver borrowers with financial stability in times of emergency. We specialize in offering exceptional gold loan services by integrating technology and logistics. 

We combine safe asset-liability management with app-based operations and advanced algorithms. We drive operational efficiencies with our banking partners to meet the needs of our borrowers effectively and seamlessly. You can quickly avail yourself of a gold loan by booking an appointment and getting your gold valued. We will instantly transfer the money to your loan account. 

We provide online gold loans from the privacy, comfort, and convenience of your home. With over 4 lakh happy customers, we ensure the lowest interest rates at 5.88% p.a. (0.49% per month). Moreover, we have the most trusted lending partners including Federal Bank and ICICI Bank to guarantee maximum safety to our customers. 

With us as your loan partner, you can always be in control of your finances. Our highest per gram rate for gold makes us incredibly popular among households and small businesses looking for emergency funding. We serve over 30+ cities in India including Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Pune, Jaipur, and others. We are expanding fast to meet the high demands of our clients for fast and easy gold loans across India.

Kundan Finance App

With our Kundan Finance app, you can –

  • Request loan transfer or apply for a new gold loan
  • Compare different schemes using our gold loan interest calculate and select your preferred one
  • Schedule a gold loan appointment to get your gold valued at your preferred time and place 
  • Track your active loans, interest due, and other loan-related activities
  • Make easy loan repayments using our Kundan Finance app
  • After repaying the entire amount, you can schedule the release of your gold items
  • Instant access to our customer support 

Gold Loan

In Indian culture, gold is considered to be one of the most auspicious metals or investments. Each year, Hindus celebrate Dhanteras, two days before Diwali to celebrate the God of knowledge Ganesha and Goddess of wealth Lakshmi. India houses an immense amount of gold to meet the undying demands of consumers. Because of the auspiciousness and liquidity of gold as a metal, it is treated as one of the best idle assets by households. 

As per Statista, the estimated gold reserve of India was around 600 metric tons in 2019. The gems and jewelry sector of India contributes over 29% to global jewelry consumption. Moreover, gold is one of the primary driving components of the jewelry market in India.

Individual Gold Ownership of Indians

While it is not feasible to calculate the exact amount of gold owned by the Indian families, reports suggest that is approximately 25000 tons. However, this huge amount of gold is lying idle inside lockers and safes. Injecting a small amount of this gold and circulating it in the economy will boost the Indian GDP to a great extent.

If you are thinking about how one can circulate gold reserves in the economy, the first way would be to sell them directly. Another great option is to collateralize your gold reserves and avail yourself of a gold loan. If you need emergency funds or loans to deal with some financial liabilities, then gold loans have got you covered.

What is a Gold Loan?

A gold loan is a secured loan taken against one's owned gold. You need to pledge your gold jewelry to an NBFC (non-banking financial institution) based on which they will extend funds to you. The amount that you can avail of as a loan depends on the loan-to-value (LTV) ratio of the NBFC. Previously, this LTV was capped to 75% by the RBI for gold loans. The LTV ratio was increased to 90% for banks by the Reserve Bank of India till 31st March 2021. 

For instance, if you have pledged gold ornaments of Rs. 1,00,000 before 31st March 2021, you would have availed of gold loans up to Rs. 90,000. Moreover, it is essential to understand that LTV fixes the maximum amount that you can avail of yourself as a loan by pledging your gold ornaments. 

Which Type of Gold Counts as Collateral?

While most NBFCs and lenders accept all types of gold reserves of borrowers, you are still required to meet some basic guidelines. Your gold items must have a purity level of at least 18 carats or more. Moreover, some reputed lenders often restrict hypothecation to only gold jewelry items. You may be required to carry gold bars or coins as well in such cases. 

Who is Eligible for Gold Loans?

If you don't qualify for conventional loan options, gold loans will come to your rescue! You need to be at least 18 years of age to avail yourself of gold loans. Moreover, you must have adequate gold reserves in the form of jewelry or bars. If your gold items have the required purity, you can easily get a gold loan. 

Gold loans don't require you to pass any credit score check or go through a complex registration process. Gold loans have relaxed eligibility standards as gold being the underlying security helps to mitigate the risk for lenders. The lender will sell the pledged gold items if the borrowers of loans fail to repay the amount due within the loan tenure. 

What Documents are Required for Gold Loans?

The documentation process of different lenders may vary but here are some of the most common documents that you need to submit to avail yourself of gold loans –

  • Address Proof such as Aadhaar card, passport, voter ID, utility bills, driving license, etc
  • KYC Documents such as PAN card, Aadhaar card, passport, driving license, voter ID, etc

You can contact us to know more about additional documents. 

Gold Loan Repayment Methods

Besides traditional EMIs, borrowers can also choose from the following repaying alternatives to repay their dues –

  • Interest Payment: Here, the borrower is required to pay the interest amount due every month. However, the borrower can choose to pay only the interest monthly and delay the repayment of the principal amount to the end of his loan tenure. 
  • Part Payment: If you opt for the part payment option, you will have to repay the loan amount via regular EMIs. However, you can prepay an amount that would be deducted from your loan principal amount outstanding. This will lead to lower future interest payments if you choose to keep the loan tenure the same. If you want to reduce your gold loan cost, then reducing the interest due using part payment is the best option.
  • Bullet Repayment: In the case of bullet repayment, both the principal repayment and interest are shifted to the end of the loan tenure. If you have opted for a 12 months tenure, you won't be required to pay anything until the end of 12 months. You can pay a lump-sum amount on the last month or upon the completion of your loan tenure. 

At Kundan Finance, we allow borrowers to choose their preferred repayment option to ease their financial liabilities. However, you can't change the repayment procedure midway through your tenure. 

Get Fast Gold Loans with Kundan Finance

Kundan Finance is one of the most trusted digital Gold Loan companies in India offering quick gold loans and vault facilities. We are the Gold Specialist when it comes to offering services related to gold. We offer the highest per gram rate for doorstep gold loan disbursement services. We work with trusted bank partners and ensure that there are no hidden charges in our gold loan services. Moreover, we also don't charge any processing fee on gold loans. 

Our Unmatched and Unique Gold Loan Features

  • Highest rate per gram of gold up to 80%
  • Choice of easy loan repayments
  • 30 Minutes Doorstep gold loan service available in selected locations
  • 60 Minutes gold loan disbursement facility for PAN India customers
  • Simplified interest schemes for disbursement of doorstep gold loans with no step-up loan interest rates 
  • Zero to one percent processing fee
  • No service fee will be charged to the borrowers

Kundan Finance offers tension-free, easy, and instant gold loans right at your doorstep. Not only do we provide you with the highest per gram rate for gold loans but also low-interest rates. The loan will be credited to your bank account through our trusted bank partners in around 30 minutes! Your jewelry will be safe in our lockers and properly insured. 

What Can You Do with our Gold Loan App?

  • Request a hassle-free gold loan
  • Choose a gold loan plan with the highest per gram gold rate and desired interest rate
  • Schedule an appointment to get your gold items valued
  • Manage your loan at Kundan Finance (check interest due and make timely payments)
  • Request release of your gold items after successfully paying off your loans
  • Avail yourself of one click and instant renewal for continued loan tenure
  • Get notifications about loan payment information

Our Gold Loan Process at Kundan Finance

We have a simplified gold loan process at Kundan Finance to minimize the hassle that is usually associated with loan approvals and disbursement. Here is a detailed loan application process at Kundan Finance —

  • Visit our website or go to our app to request a gold loan.
  • Fill up an online loan application form and provide necessary details like name, address, contact number, age, etc.
  • After entering all the required information, click on apply.
  • Our loan agents will reach your preferred location to weigh and assess the gold items that you are willing to pledge. 
  • After completing all formalities, our loan agents will sanction the loan amount. 

Our gold loan application process is simple and fast to provide the utmost convenience to all borrowers. You don't need to travel with the gold items to avail yourself of our gold loan services as we offer a doorstep facility. We will also ensure maximum security for your assets. 

Why Choose Kundan Finance for Gold Loans?

  • Trusted bank partners: Kundan Finance provides gold loans that are backed by trusted bank partners. We offer the lowest interest rates while safely storing your gold in bank lockers. Our partners have branches across India to provide easy access to all borrowers across India.
  • Low-Interest Rates: We offer low-interest rates starting from Lowest Interest Rates starting from 0.49% per month (5.88% per annum) with flexible loan repayment options. You can now manage your financial needs without worrying about credit scores or high-interest rates.
  • No Hidden Charges: There are no foreclosure charges or approval charges or processing fees involved with our gold loan facilities. We don't believe in hidden charges!
  • Highest Per Gram Rate for Gold Loans: We ensure that the borrowers are able to unlock the maximum value of your gold by offering the highest per gram rate for gold.
  • One-Click, Easy Renewal: The loan duration at Kundan Finance ranges from 6 months to 12 months with easy renewal features in our app. You can also enjoy an increased gold rate while renewing!
  • Easy Loan Approval and Disbursement Process: We have a 5-step easy loan approval and disbursement process to meet the urgent financial requirements of our borrowers. You will need to get your gold valued at Kundan Finance and we will transfer the loan amount to your account quickly. You will be informed of all the details through our app and customer support. Our agents are always at your service!
  • No Compounding: Kundan Finance will only charge you simple interest for gold loans. You can easily calculate the interest on our app or website to manage your finances better.
  • End-to-End Insurance for Gold Items: We understand that you may be worried about your gold items when you pledge them with lenders. To help you do away with such worries, we offer end-to-end insurance for your gold items. Your gold items will remain safe with us!
  • Custom Gold Loan Solutions: Kundan Finance understands that different borrowers have different financial needs. Er offers multiple gold loan plans to meet your unique financial needs. You can choose per gram gold value, payment frequency, and interest rate to make the most out of your gold items.
  • Easy Loan Management: You will get all the loan details on our app. From checking interest due to making payments right away to contacting customer support, the Kundan Finance app has got you covered. You can pay via Net Banking (with banks such as SBI, HDFC, ICICI, Axis Bank, etc), Debit Cards (via Rupay, Visa, MasterCard, etc), or UPI (via PayTM, Google Pay, BHIM, PhonePe, etc). Each transaction with us is 100% secure as they are handled by trusted partners.
  • No Release or Delivery Fee: You can request the release of your gold items after clearing all pending payments. Our agents will deliver the gold items to your doorstep as per your preferred address, date, and time. Moreover, we won't charge you for delivering your gold items to your doorstep.

Gold Loan Repayment Steps

Repaying your gold loan at Kundan Finance is as easy as availing it. You can repay the amounts due using our mobile application or website. Follow these steps while repaying your gold loan —

  • Visit the app or login page. Now enter your registered mobile number.
  • You will get an OTP on your number. Use the OTP to verify your identity.
  • Our website and the app will list all important information regarding online gold loans such as loan start date, loan tenure, weightage of the pledged gold assets, interest due, the total amount due, etc. Now locate the payment option to get started with the payment process.
  • You can pay via UPI, Net Banking, IMPS, debit cards, or RTGS.

Customized Gold Loan Facility

As the leading online gold loan provider, we offer customized solutions to meet the varying needs of borrowers. You can use our gold loan calculator to assess the repayment amount and interests. Moreover, you can choose from a monthly repayment option or a no-tension repayment type (after 12 months). Your loan amount will be confirmed after valuing your gold items. You can also sort our gold loan options by lowest interest or highest value. 

Benefits and Features of Gold Loans

Availing yourself of a gold loan from Kundan Finance will have the following benefits –

  • Fast Approvals and Disbursals

Traditional loans usually come with complex documentation and time-consuming loan approval processes. However, when you opt for a gold loan at Kundan Finance you don't have to wait for days or weeks for the loan amount to reach your bank account. We offer a speedy loan approval process to provide you with the loan proceeds within a few hours. If you need to fund emergency expenses such as sudden business credit requirements, medical bills, and others, then gold loans are the best option! 

Moreover, the simple application process makes it convenient for borrowers to request a loan without much hassle. You can either use our app or our website to avail yourself of our gold loan services. 

  • Affordable Rates of Interest 

As explained earlier, gold being the underlying security helps to decrease the overall risk of lenders. Gold loans are available at affordable interest rates due to a minimal risk profile. Moreover, at Kundan Finance we pride ourselves on providing the lowest interest rates to our borrowers. We ensure that our borrowers are not facing any unnecessary financial burden due to hefty interest rates. 

  • Doorstep Loan Facility

Whether you are availing yourself of an Rs. 1,00,000 gold loan or an Rs. 50,00,000 gold loan, doorstep credit facility will provide you with greater convenience. After you applied for a gold loan at Kundan Finance, our representative will visit your home to assess, measure, and collect your gold items. They will also collect all the necessary documents. 

Once we have valued your gold, we will transfer the loan amount to your account electronically within a few minutes. After that, our representative will carry your pledged gold items safely for storage. You don't have to travel to our premises or wait in a queue while availing yourself of a gold loan from Kundan Finance. 

  • No need to worry about an unimpressive credit score 

Often the loan applications of borrowers are rejected due to low credit scores and poor credit history. In the case of traditional loans, individuals need to have a credit score of 750 or more. However, when you opt for a gold loan at Kundan Finance, your credit score won't be a hindrance. If you meet our eligibility requirements, you will get a gold loan even if you don't have a credit score of 750 or more. 

  • No Pre-Closure Charges

Most banks levy a pre-closure charge on traditional loans or unsecured loans. However, at Kundan Finance we don't levy pre-closure charges if you decide to prepay a part of your loan. If you happen to acquire or generate a substantial amount of money at any point of your tenure, you can utilize this amount to prepay a part of your outstanding principal. This helps to reduce your interest payments. 

  • You don't require to have a high income

Most unsecured loans depend on your level of income and require you to submit documentation to support your monthly income claims. However, when you apply for a gold loan at Kundan Finance, we won't ask you about your income or ask you to provide supporting documents. 

  • Safe Storage of your pledged gold items

One of the biggest concerns of borrowers is the safety of their collateralized gold items during the loan tenure. We provide complete security of your assets until we return them to you upon repayment of the loan amount. We also provide insurance for your pledged gold items while it is with us. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What makes Kundan Finance better than other lenders? Is it safe to trust you with my gold items?

Kundan Finance offers instant, hassle-free gold loans right at your doorstep. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest per gram gold rate with the lowest interest rates. We aim to provide absolute savings, comfort, and convenience to our borrowers. Your gold loan with Kundan Finance is processed instantly by our trusted partners. Moreover, we will safely store your gold items in the vaults and lockers of our trusted banking partners. We also provide insurance for your gold items while they are with us.

However, if you still have any queries, you can contact our customer support via our website or app. 

Are all gold items eligible for a gold loan at Kundan Finance?

We accept gold items only when they have a purity level of 18k or more. We will value your gold items before transferring the loan amount to your bank. 

How can I apply for a Gold Loan with Kundan Finance? Is there a complex documentation process?

To apply for a gold loan at Kundan Finance, you download the Kundan Finance app from the app store or play store. Now, you can request a visit by our agents to your preferred location and time. Our representatives will contact you to confirm you and then reach your preferred location to process the loan. 

As for documents, Kundan Finance doesn't involve a lot of paperwork. You are only required to do the KYC verification and provide relevant documents for it. This comprises ID proof and address proof like passport, PAN card, Aadhaar card, driver's license, etc. Our representative will perform the appraisal process and initiate the loan amount. Once the amount gets transferred to your account our representatives will leave with the gold items. The entire process is simple and hassle-free. 

Do I have to pay EMI or fixed monthly interest? Is there any processing fee?

You can choose from EMI's, part payment, bullet repayment,  and monthly interest payment. You can select your preferred payment method at the start of your loan tenure. 

No. Kundan Finance has no hidden charges. You won't be required to pay a processing fee for the gold loan. We have 0% gateway charges, 0% compounding, and 0% hidden charges. We believe in offering 100% transparency and convenience to our clients. 

How can I pay my interest on the gold loan?

Our Kundan Finance app will provide you with all the details relating to your gold loan. Not only can you track your interest dues but also make payments through our app. You can use debit cards, UPI, and  Net Banking to make payments. 

How can I verify the identity of your loan managers?

In the case of digital gold loans, a loan manager will reach your home to assess the value and purity of the pledged gold items and transport them from your home to the bank's safes. This necessitates verifying the identity of loan managers. When our loan managers reach your home, you can check their identity cards. Moreover, our loan managers will share a unique OTP with you to further prove his identity to you and proceed with the loan formalities. 

How will you calculate the weight of my pledged gold items?

We will measure the purity of your gold items and weigh them using specialized equipment. We will use the market value of gold on the date of your gold loan application to disburse funds to you. Moreover, it is essential to note that we will only consider the value of pure gold and ignore the value of other materials that may be present in your gold items. 

What if I find any discrepancy in the returned gold items?

At Kundan Finance, customer satisfaction is our priority. It is unlikely that you find any issues with our stellar customer service. However, if you do have any qualms, you can instantly reach out to our customer service team for quick redressal. If you feel that the gold items that you have pledged with us have been tarnished or damaged upon return after repayment of your loan, you can raise a complaint using our app. Moreover, you can also contact us directly through our customer care number. Our executives will reach out to you immediately to solve your issue. 

Is there a chance that my gold loan application will get rejected?

Gold loans are one of the most hassle-free and easiest loans that you can acquire to meet your financial liabilities. Gold loan applications are usually not rejected except in extreme cases such as the following –

  • Low gold purity: At Kundan Finance, we will assess the purity and value of your gold items before transferring you the loan amount. If your gold items have a purity of less than 18k, we won't process your gold loan request. If you have gold items between 18k to 24k, we will happily process your gold loan.
  • Insufficient Documents: We have a minimal documents process and only need our borrowers to do their KYC verification. We will only need your address and ID proofs. However, if we feel that there is some suspiciousness about your documents, then we will reject your gold loan application.
  • Extremely low credit score: Usually, we don't consider the credit score of our clients before approving their gold loans. However, if the credit score is too poor to accept, we will be left with no other choice than to reject your gold loan request.

If you want a loan against your gold items from a safe and trusted financial institution, contact us today. From providing secured gold lockers to delivering instant gold loans, we are the safest digital gold app in India. Download our app today to get the best out of your gold reserves today.