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Kundan Finanace offers tension-free, easy, and instant personal loans right at your fingertips. Not only do we provide you with the fastest disbursal ever possible but also low-interest rates. The loan will be credited to your bank account through us, your trusted Technology Partner in around 30 minutes!

We are a Technology committed to offering personal credits to salaried professionals. We stand for catering to your individual financing needs in an easy way by including innovation to the credit buying handle, in this manner giving you moment get to reserves in a straightforward and straightforward way.

We provide loans that are available at affordable interest rates due to a minimal risk profile. Moreover, at Kundanmal Technology we pride ourselves on providing the lowest interest rates to our borrowers. We ensure that our borrowers are not facing any unnecessary financial burden due to hefty interest rates.

Empowering all Borrowers to Meet Their Financial Needs

Banking is experiencing a wave of digitization across the world. However, often some banking products such as personal loans require physical interactions. At Kundanmal Technology, we have developed a full-stack solution to digitize the entire personal loan process. Now you don't have to wait in line to avail of a personal loan!

Our Unmatched and Unique Personal Loan Features

• Choice of easy loan repayments

• No service fee will be charged to the borrowers

• Low-Interest Rates

• One-Click, Easy Renewal

• Easy Loan Approval and Disbursement Process

• No Compounding

• Easy Loan Management

• Fast Approvals and Disbursals

• No Pre-Closure Charges

• You don't require to have a high income

• Poor credit score


Our mission is simple: we want to build a one-of-kind, effortless loan buying platform that allows customers to get a loan easily and affordably. We strive hard to make our customer’s life easier by providing them quick access to money in a simple way.

Customers Testimonials

Customers Testimonials

It's really necessary to thank Rakesh and Mohit for their help to get the loan amount as soon as they done it .... thanks once again Kundanmal Technology.

Sonali Chabra

I’m happy and thankful for the support I have received from you people. Without you guys I can’t imagine such a fast & smooth process for my personal loan application. A Big Thank you for all the services.

Shivang Chawla

Really helpful executives in the team. Quick loan approvals. Kundanmal Technology Team assisted me in a very good manner throughout the loan approval process and disbursement.

Himani Kagra

The process was very smooth and totally digital so no hassle.

Vivek Gupta

Excellent and fast service by Hindustan Capital. It was disbursed in a quick time without having faced too disbursed in a quick time without having faced too much hassle.

Punit Jain